Paweł Pudło

Paweł Pudło – music composer, orchestrator, producer.

He composes different kinds of music but symphonic film music and commercial music comprise most of his creative work. He has also written for a string quartet, symphonic orchestra with a rock drumset and a suite for two harps. He produces most of his recordings.

He takes part in several music projects – as a drummer in string and brass orchestras and accompanying on bass the musicians of all music styles (poprock, metal, poetic songs and flamenco among others). As a bass player, he decided to try his skills as a composer. At first, he wrote for the fun of it, but working on new material turned out to be engrossing enough to give him a lot of satisfaction as a hobby. In time, composing became the main occupation for Paweł. It was accompanied by constant mastering of technique and skills (in harmony, orchestration, arrangement and production) and broadening the music horizons. Apart from popular music, he started composing commercial music (TV, radio and Internet advertising music) and orchestral pieces inspired by film scores. The next step was to attempt to write an illustration music.

The newest project, "Violemi – The Slave of Delusion" is Paweł's biggest production. It's a combination of opera, musical and symphonic film music. It was created over the period of three years with the participation of many people (musicians, technical crew, graphic designers).

His favorite instruments are French horn, contrabassoon, marimba, viola and harp. His film interests include such genres as drama (both in feature and cartoon), thriller, horror, SF and fantasy.

Selected artistic work:

Violemi – The Slave of Delusion (2007-2010)

Symphony no. 1 (Dead End Symphony, 2007)

Film music:
Go (documentary, dir. Marek Cichy, Exnihil Studio, 2007)
Spaces (documentary, dir. Ewa Martynkien, 2007)
Leni (short, dir. Bartosz Paduch, 2006)
12 (corporate/promotional, Heavy Visions, 2006)
Rise Of The Challenger (film suite, dir. Wojciech Pudło, 2006)
Decision (corporate/promotional, Heavy Visions, 2005)

Selected companies he cooperated with: Volvo, Legg Mason, Heyah, X-Trade Brokers, Polish Television., Alanis Studio, K2, One2Tribe, Exnihil Studio, Heavy Visions Film Group, 24media Film Agency, Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice, Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw, Polish Radio.