“Violemi – The Slave of Delusion” is an epic story about maturity and responsibility, as well as the related difficult choices. Written in a legend-like style, it stands out due to its fresh form – it combines elements of opera, musical and symphonic film music. The world of Arstonaroth, built using words, is an excellent background for the main characters’ emotions, enhanced by music themes. It is a captivating story and thanks to the music it can be rediscovered time and time again.

The production of this independent project was made possible by the involvement of many people. Composer Paweł Pudło was the central figure as well as the producer and the coordinator of the whole enterprise. The story and lyrics were written by Anna Osowska. Others contributed to the recording itself (musicians and technical crew), sound production and graphic design.

At first the project was to consist of two parts – music and image, taking the form of an independent film production. Due to technical difficulties the picture was never made, but the faith in the project helped to bring it to completion. The result is an hour-long unique concept album, in which the story is told with both words and music.


34 months of work
23 days in the recording studio
54180 music computer files
19395 other computer files
15 computers used in production (including 2 almost non-stop)
hundreds of gigabytes of data
hundreds of sheets of papers
223 sheets of score
87 participants
3 persons in whole post-production
1 person in whole project-making process